Alltech facility in Serbia, Lessafre
Lesaffre has acquired Alltech’s yeast extract facility in Senta, Serbia.

MARCQ-EN-BAROEUL, FRANCE — Lesaffre is broadening its position in the nutrition and health sectors with the acquisition of Alltech’s yeast extract facility in Serbia. Located in Senta, Serbia, the facility will be called Biospringer RS and will continue to produce baker’s yeast for the Serbian market as well as yeast extracts for the food and animal feed industries.

Antoine Baule, Lesaffre
Antoine Baule, c.e.o. of Lesaffre

“On the yeast extracts and its derivatives market, Lesaffre is recognized as a reliable partner with expertise in producing tailor-made solutions,” said Antoine Baule, chief executive officer of Lesaffre. “This acquisition will strengthen our presence in this market. In fact, now with eight facilities established around the world (Western and Eastern Europe, China, United States, Brazil), we are all the more committed to meeting our customer specific needs globally.”

Alric Blake, c.e.o. of Alltech, said it was important for the company to secure the long-term future of the Serbian facility and its employees.

Alric Blake, Alltech
Alric Blake, c.e.o. of Alltech

“We are convinced that Lesaffre will take this company even further forward thanks to its expertise in fermentation and fermentation derivatives,” Mr. Blake said. “It is the perfect company to acquire and drive the business for future growth. Alltech meanwhile will continue to focus on its core activities following unprecedented growth in recent years.”

Founded in 1980 by Irish entrepreneur and scientist Pearse Lyons, Ph.D., Lexington, Ky.-based Alltech discovers and delivers solutions for the sustainable nutrition of plants, animals and people. The company produces and processes yeast additives, organic trace minerals, feed ingredients, premix and feed.

Based in Marcq-en-Baroeul, 90 miles east of Normandy, France, Lesaffre’s operations includes a bakery ingredient business, supplying customers with ferments such as yeasts and sourdoughs and other bread-baking ingredients such as improvers, mixes, blends and milling correctors.