DuPont PowerMill enzyme for wheat milling
DuPont's PowerMill enzyme has been shown to increase productivity and reduce costs.

SÂO PAULO, BRAZIL — DuPont Nutrition & Health has received a patent certification on its PowerMill enzyme, which has been shown to improve the efficiency of wheat milling, allowing mills to increase productivity, improve the quality of flour and reduce costs. The global patent includes 75 countries.

During a test phase, cost reduction mainly came in electric energy and investments in silos. Because of the enzyme, the rest time of wheat dropped before the milling process. Applying the enzyme leads to a higher production of white flour and a lower quantity of pigments. PowerMill has been tested on wheat grains globally and on all types of wheat.

Eduardo Pimentel, DuPont
Eduardo Pimentel, innovation leader for DuPont Nutrition & Health
“For the first time at DuPont Nutrition & Health a patent was led by a Brazilian research team,” said Eduardo Pimentel, innovation leader for DuPont Nutrition & Health and the leader for the enzyme’s development. “The process for registering a global patent requires extensive research work, which also involved the global team of scientists. This project began in 2008, when an idea arose from the team at DuPont Nutrition & Health Brazil to work on a real mill problem.”