EverSweet is created using a unique fermentation process.

MINNEAPOLIS — Providing a new, healthier sweetening option for food manufacturers, Cargill, in partnership with Evolva, has released the zero-calorie sweetener EverSweet.

The ingredient is produced through a fermentation process that extracts stevia compounds Reb M and Reb D. These compounds elicit a sweet taste throughout consumption, unlike other solutions that leave a bitter aftertaste, according to Cargill. 

Stevia plants only produce trace amounts of Reb M and Reb D. By using the fermentation process, Cargill can produce the sweetener in a cost-effective and sustainable way. According to the company’s preliminary estimates, producing the ingredient via fermentation will decrease the use of natural resources and CO2 emissions. 

“Cargill is excited to bring EverSweet sweetener to the market,” said Andrew Ohmes, global stevia business leader, Cargill. “EverSweet sweetener provides healthier options to consumers whether our customers use it in beverages, dairy products or nutritional bars to name a few.”

Evolva, a natural ingredients supplier, assisted in the development of the sweetener for commercial use.

“We are delighted that Cargill has started commercial production of EverSweet,” said Simon Waddington, chief executive officer of Evolva. “We look forward to the next chapter in the exciting space of sweeteners.”