Infor will replace Intersnack's 17 ERP systems with Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage. 

NEW YORK — The Intersnack Group, Dusseldorf, Germany, manufacturer of savory snacks throughout the European market, is transforming its digital platform into a modern cloud system. It signed a multi-million Euro deal for a 10-year digital transformation with Infor, an industry specific cloud application provider in New York.

With 20 well-known snack brands, including McCoys, Hula Hoops and KP nuts, Intersnack decided to work with Infor because it will deliver everything within its tender via the cloud, has strong food and beverage credentials, an innovative vision and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“As a market leader in the snack industry, we need to demonstrate best practice in order to support our goal of long-term value creation, and technology has quickly become a crucial pillar in achieving this,” said Maarten Leerdam, chief executive officer of Intersnack. “We look forward to exploring new technologies further in our quest to innovate and establish a strong footing for our next generation of growth.”   

Infor will replace the company’s 17 ERP systems — many run by SAP and Oracle — with Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage, which will harmonize the varying aspects of the brands. Infor will also support Intersnack’s expansion in every major application, including human resources, business intelligence, customer relationship management and supply chain management. 

“This landmark deal really reinforces our Cloud leadership in the enterprise applications market and demonstrates our commitment to supporting digital transformation for companies through delivering finely tuned industry-specific capabilities, which are eminently scalable,” said Stephan Scholl, president, Infor. “With our digital transformation team at H&L Digital and AI capabilities via Infor Coleman, we are already in discussions about how to take this deployment to the next stage, providing Intersnack with a framework to drive innovation and carve out new markets.”