Zeppelin Group was awarded a silver medal for its high-speed mixer. 

COLOGNE, GERMANY — At Anuga FoodTec 2018, the international trade fair for food and beverage technology held March 20-23 in Cologne, Germany, the German Agriculture Society honored 17 companies for technical innovations and developments to increase sustainability and efficiency. Zeppelin Group, Rödermark, Germany, was awarded a silver medal with its DymoMix mixer for product optimization.

The DymoMix from the Zeppelin Plant Engineering unit uses a wetting principle as a premixer for doughs produced in batches. A nozzle in the rotating shaft builds up a fine, continuous liquid screen in which powdery components pass through to generate an immediate homogeneous mixture. DynoMix requires less space and 50% of its predecessors’ kneading time. Noodle, bread and roll dough can be made with this high-speed mixer.

“The constant fulfillment of our customers’ demands and the anticipation of future challenges in food production form the guidelines of our product development, which we test in our fully equipped test center under real conditions and elaborate to perfection,” said Michael Piepenbrock, business unit manager of food processing plants, Zeppelin. “The new DymoMix is the result of continuous work in the test center in order to increase the cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness of individual components in the system.” 

Zeppelin Group owns 190 sites around the world. Its plant engineering unit specializes in the development, production and construction of components and systems for the handling of high quality bulk materials.