Baked Grain Bites are made with brown rice and ancient grain flours.

RICHVALE, CALIF. — A different day, a different craving to satisfy. On Monday morning, it may be a glistening glazed donut to ease the pain of a new work week. By Friday night, it’s a cheesy pizza loaded with every topping imaginable. The desire to indulge is ever present, but many consumers are looking to get their fix without going overboard. They are searching for snacks that include robust flavors and fewer calories.

Looking to fill the void, Lundberg Family Farms created Baked Grain Bites in five flavors: Aged Parmesan, garlic and herb, smoky sweet BBQ, vanilla chai and white cheddar and jalapeño. From spicy to savory to sweet, each variety was created to cater to different snacking experiences.

The Baked Grain Bites line is part of the company’s Grounded Snacks product portfolio that targets the millennial demographic. It expands on the company’s classic product base, which includes rice cakes and chips, and offers healthier snack items in a range of adventurous, bold and spicy flavors. For Baked Grain Bites, the brand conducted taste tests with consumers to ensure the correct flavor profiles were being offered.

Baked Grain Bites are part of the company’s Grounded Snacks product portfolio.

The snack contains 130 calories per serving, about 22 pieces, and is made with brown rice and ancient grain flours such as amaranth and sorghum that give the snacks a light, airy, bite-sized crunch. All varieties are gluten-free, U.S.D.A.-certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified and bear the Whole Grain Council’s stamp of approval. Each 4-oz bag has a suggested retail price of $3.49.

Appealing to consumers’ proclivity for clean label products, the snacks contain recognizable ingredients and seasonings. For example, sunflower oil, roasted garlic, onion, sea salt, rosemary and thyme are among some of the ingredients listed on the garlic and herb variety’s label.

The company is supporting the introduction of Baked Grain Bites by offering samples at grocery stores and events across the United States. Social media also will play a large role in its launch, and the company is working with key influencers to increase awareness of the product.

“We expect this product to deliver on great taste and the consumer’s need for better-for-you snacks,” said Janet Souza, marketing, public relations and design manager at Lundberg Family Farms. “They are looking for healthier options, and we’re hoping this product meets their needs with the organic whole grains and simple ingredients.”