The Powerwash 5000 from IJ White Systems is a portable high-pressure washing system that rinses, washes and sanitizes plastic and stainless-steel spiral belts.

The Powerwash 5000 feeds into the Typhoon Belt Washer that uses rotary spray heads operating at 500 RPM to provide complete spiral belt coverage. While the belt is being cleaned, sanitation teams can manually wash other areas of the system frame or surrounding equipment with hand-held pressure wands connected to the Powerwash system.

The Powerwash 5000 is an automated system that reduces dependency on manual labor in sanitation and provides consistent sanitation. 

“Traditionally it’s been very difficult to clean spiral belts with a hand-held nozzle or spray or even using a stationary system with spray nozzles,” said Peter White, president, IJ White. “The industry is focused on superior hygiene, reducing potential product contamination and lowering sanitation costs. This system addresses all three of those issues.”

The system was designed for any wholesale bakeries or food processing facilities that use spiral belt conveyors. It cleans belts between 20- and 60-in. wide, including plastic, stainless steel or multiple belt styles such as flex, grid and mesh overlay.

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