Artesa Chickpea Flour, distributed in North America by PLT Health Solutions, allows bakers to create a gluten-free product with a similar taste and formulation profile to one made with wheat flour. The flour was developed by Nutriati, Inc. to address challenges of taste and functionality that many bakers can encounter when using pulse/legume flours in gluten-free formulating.

“Flours made from pulses and legumes have a great deal to offer consumers from a health standpoint, yet they have failed to become mainstream primarily because of organoleptic issues, chief of which is taste,” said Devin Stagg, COO, PLT. “The Artesa project’s goal has been to bring the nutrition and sustainability of pulse flours to a broad public by directly addressing the issues of taste and final product quality.”

Artesa Chickpea Flour has several characteristics similar to wheat flour which makes it a good replacement in gluten-free applications. It has an excellent organoleptic profile, good protein source, fine particle size, white color, good oil and water binding as well as other functional formulating characteristics. On top of its protein content, the flour also is a source of resistant starch and a lower glycemic index than wheat and other pulse flours. 

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