KANSAS CITY —  Since 1999, Bakingbusiness.com, supported by Milling & Baking News and Baking & Snack, has delivered the latest baking industry news and insights to its readers. In an effort to better serve and inform our online visitors, we have launched a redesigned web site with enhanced features and capabilities for an interactive web experience. 

Navigating the site 
The new Bakingbusiness.com presents users with a fresh layout to access our content. With this new navigation system, topics are broken down into multiple categories allowing users to take a surface-level look at news or a deep dive into a topic.

For users wanting to browse industry news, they can access our homepage where the newest stories are available. By clicking the "More News" icon, readers can find a feed of our latest articles.

If visitors are more interested in researching a specific subject, they can find a list of the most popular categories by clicking the bar icon to the left of a topic’s title and narrow their search from there. 


Personalizing your experience
Articles on Bakingbusiness.com are now more interactive than ever. By registering with the site or updating your current password, readers will be able to personalize their web site experience.  

Once registered, users will find a section of articles on the homepage customized to their interests and needs. Also, when viewing a story, visitors can find recommended and related articles about the topic they are reading about. 

Sharing articles with colleagues is easier, too, with a variety of share icons at the top of every story. 

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The new site is responsively designed for easy access across desktop, smartphone and tablets devices, so users can swiftly view stories without any downtime. Our new photo galleries allow visitors to seamlessly click trough the images on their desktop or swipe through them on mobile and tablet devices.

Redesigned newsletters
Staying on top the latest industry news and analysis is easier with Bakingbusiness.com’s redesigned newsletters. From R.&D. and operations to breaking news and special reports, our newsletters uncover the stories and insights baking personnel need to stay ahead in this evolving market. 

While changes to any site may take a little getting used to, Bakingbusiness.com is confident that this fresh look will enhance our readers’ viewing experience. We thank you for your patience while navigating the new site and welcome any feedback you may have for us.