BATTLE CREEK, MICH. — The Kellogg Co. has introduced Wild Berry Froot Loops, the first new flavor for the brand in 10 years.

The cereal features a new, sweet and fruity berry taste, along with a new shape — a purple star.

“Our colorful loops are both beloved and iconic, and now fans will have a new way to do ‘Whatever Froots their Loops’ throughout the day,” said Teresa Lindsey-Houston, senior marketing director for Kellogg’s Morning Foods. “New Kellogg’s Wild Berry Froot Loops delivers a wild new fruity taste experience that bursts from the box, no matter when or where it’s opened.”

The cereal will be available nationwide at all major retailers and grocery stores at a suggested retail price of between $4.69 and $5.79.

Froot Loops debuted in 1963 in red, orange and yellow ring-shaped loops. In the 1990s, Kellogg added three more colors to the mix: green, purple and blue. Most recently, Kellogg launched Froot Loops Marshmallow cereal, featuring the original Froot Loops rings alongside marshmallow pieces.