HENDERSON, KY. — Gavilon Grain L.L.C. on May 23 held an open house at its grain elevator in Henderson. The company used the opportunity to showcase $3.5 million in improvements to the facility over the past four years.

Gavilon said the list of improvements at the site include paved roads, silt barriers, tree breaks, pit baffles, enclosed belts and a more efficient, shrouded dryer. The company also said it has made operational changes that will allow the facility to operate more efficiently for the farmers and truckers who transport grain.

“Gavilon has made a lot of changes to our Henderson, Ky., facility over the past few years, and I am proud to be able to share them today,” said Steven Zehr, chief operating officer. “Feedback and input from all sources played a significant role in the improvements and operational changes made to this facility, and we look forward to continuing to listen to and work with our neighbors, community leaders and the local family farmers as we continue this process.”

Located on the Ohio river, Gavilon’s Henderson facility has storage capacity of 2,554,000 bus and loading capacity of 25,000 bushels per hour, according to the Grain & Milling Annual 2018. The facility has 22 full-time employees and serves approximately 675 farmers, Gavilon said.