PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Global confectionery company Ferrero has announced plans to open its second Nutella Cafe in the United States. The new cafe will open in New York, near Union Square, by the end of the year. Ferrero opened its first Nutella Cafe in May 2017 in Chicago.

“There truly is nothing like the taste of Nutella hazelnut spread, and with the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Nutella Cafe Chicago, we know our fans feel the same way,” said Rick Fossali, vice-president of operations for Nutella Cafe. “It’s their excitement that propelled us to open another Nutella Cafe and continue to showcase the uniqueness and versatility of this beloved product.”

Calling Nutella “a global power brand,” Mr. Fossali said the popularity of the hazelnut spread is built on Ferrero's focus on quality ingredients. The location of a cafe in New York will give Nutella access to millions of tourists who visit the city each year, he added.