The Rademaker Crusto bread line produces a wide assortment of bread for mid-sized to industrial bakeries. The bread line can produce everything from fine-structure panned bread or high-absorption artisan bread to pre-fermented to straight dough and even gluten-free dough. At iba 2018, to be held in Munich, Rademaker will release a range for smaller scale systems to produce artisan bread.

“There are simply some breads that cannot be produced on conventional divider/rounder bread makeup equipment,” said Eric Riggle, president, Rademaker USA. “Highly fermented and hydrated artisan breads cannot handle the punishment and pressure of conventional bread dividing.”

The system starts with the DDS, a low-stress feeding system, which produces a consistent dough sheet with minimal damage to the internal structure of the dough. It can be equipped with in-line weighing, boule rounding up to 700 g and automatic panning for an accurate, efficient, hands-free operation.

Mr. Riggle said the rugged design can withstand long production runs between shutdowns and ensures continuous production with quality results in interior crumb structure and volume for artisan bread like ciabatta.

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