MANHATTAN, KAS. — Rebecca Miller has been named assistant professor of bakery science and management within the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University. In her new role she will teach undergraduate courses, including Baking Science I and II and Flour Dough Testing. She also will manage the department’s laboratories and distance education versions of the aforementioned course offerings.

“Students ask questions all the time about the industry and professors with successful industry careers like Becky are in a unique position to provide meaningful answers,” said Gordon Smith, head of the Department of Grain Science and Industry. “I am looking forward to having her immediate and significant positive impact on the program.”

Dr. Miller has a long relationship with Kansas State. She completed her undergraduate degree in bakery science and master’s degree and doctorate degree, all from the Department of Grain Science and Industry.

After graduating from Kansas State, Dr. Miller operated a consulting firm for 10 years. She returned to Kansas State and the Department of Grain Science and Industry in 2006 as director of the Wheat Quality Lab. In 2009, she transitioned into the role of a research professor, where she was able to work with graduate students and serve as an active mentor in their research.

“Not all of my students are baking students and appealing to all of their interests and aspirations is going to be challenging,” Dr. Miller said. “I’m excited to teach these topics to such a broad group and be able to give each one of them information that’s going to make them successful.”