MILWAUKEE —The Pretzilla brand was developed to tell a story. “We’ve got a product people really like, let’s put a story around it,” said Brian Miller, president and owner, Miller Baking Co. Most family-owned bakeries similar in size to Milwaukee-based Miller Baking Co.’s $30 million a year business often don’t deal in brands. It’s something that sets Miller Baking Co. apart. But once the company was approached by Whole Foods and others, Mr. Miller knew he wanted to venture beyond the white bakery bag.

“A brand lets people know that you really took the time to make a product that is high quality, and that can’t be conveyed if you put it in a bag with no story or name behind it,” he said. That story was one of a high-quality, premium pretzel bun that was made with clean label ingredients and was allergen-free, kosher and vegan. The pretzel bun is lighter and airier than traditional ones and something that pairs well with a burger, sandwich or sausage.

And Mr. Miller wanted the brand to tap into the existing story pretzels tell. “Pretzels have been a part of Americana for generations,” Mr. Miller said. “They have a good emotional connection with people in this country because they tend to be enjoyed in movie theaters, ballparks, entertainment venues or just backyards.”

First came the name and then an iconic color scheme — blue, brown and white stripes — all to convey the fun a pretzel bun brings to an eating occasion.