To improve texture and tenderness in baked goods, AAK developed its Cisao flaked shortenings. These ingredients eliminate the need for a roll-in process to provide uniform distribution of fat without the use of a laminator. They are available in a variety of thickness, sizes and melting points as well as different flavors. AAK has experimented with creating butter flake biscuit and cinnamon flake biscuit prototypes using two Cisao flakes: one with cinnamon and one with natural butter flavor. The result was an even fat distribution, flaky texture and the visual and flavor appeal of cinnamon and butter. The flaked shortenings are a part of AAK’s Cisao line of fats that offer a several functions for different applications.

 “Cisao is AAK’s brand of multi-functional bakery fats that are palm-based, non-hydrogenated and trans fat free,” said Chris Bohm, customer innovation manager, bakery. In addition to flaked shortenings, the line includes cubed shortenings, margarines and hard stocks.

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