CHICAGO — During a “Cooking Up Science” demonstration at IFT18 in Chicago, Elisa Maloberti, director of egg product marketing with the American Egg Board (A.E.B.) emphasized the popular demand for consumers to know what’s in their food. This includes a shorter and cleaner label that includes ingredients with familiar names. Additionally, she pointed out that there’s a trend toward free-from products.  

“This means good news for formulators who use real egg ingredients because eggs fit the scenario for the free-from formulations and also the consumers’ desire for transparency, clarity, authenticity, familiarity, as well as natural,” Ms. Maloberti said.

 At the demonstration, the A.E.B. partnered with culinologists from CuliNex, a product development consulting firm in Seattle, to review a few of the more than 20 functional benefits eggs can provide in bakery applications.

The organizations created a science experiment for attendees using nougat, the confection often found in candy bars that also is expanding into protein bars. One batch of nougat was a negative control — containing no eggs — and the other included egg whites. The audience received both to taste-test, in addition to a blueberry muffin with and without eggs.

The A.E.B.’s experiment showed a variety of functional differences. In the case of the nougat, the product was fluffier, lighter colored and chewier with egg whites. The blueberry muffin produced a fluffier texture, but the A.E.B. also pointed out the difference in taste.

“Flavor is the first thing to go when you start reducing eggs,” said Emily Munday, director of operations, CuliNex.

To back up its “Cooking Up Science” claims, the A.E.B. recently researched the use of eggs in 15 applications, including waffles, angel cake, brownies and more. Each application includes a visual comparison of, for example, a yellow batter cake, its negative control, along with starch based, soy based and other egg replacement combinations to better display the impact of eggs in bakery products. Bakers can visit for more information and research.