ST-MÉTHODE, QUE. — St-Méthode Bakery has announced it will stop supplying gluten-free bread to grocery stores in Quebec as of Sept. 1. The company had offered the bread for the past five years.

“Over the last few years, we have offered our customers the only brand of fresh, nonfrozen, gluten-free bread distributed throughout Quebec,” said Benoit Faucher, president of St-Méthode Bakery. “Today, despite our efforts, we must unfortunately end production of this line.”

In a letter to customers, Mr. Faucher described a situation in which the cost to develop the company’s bread had become too expensive. He said the company turned to a new ingredient supplier in 2016, but the manufacturing costs have continued to soar.

“After more than a year of effort, despite our many attempts, we have come to the conclusion that the market of existing suppliers, both local and international, does not allow us to offer a product that respects the specific characteristics of this line at a price that would remain affordable to consumers,” he said. “We know that many consumers, including several who are gluten intolerant or sensitive, have adopted our products. In order to help them transition to other solutions, we have informed all partners and grocery stores so that they may suggest other options from among products available on the market.”

St-Méthode Bakery operates two facilities in St-Méthode and one in Magog.