MINNEAPOLIS — To meet the needs of its evolving workforce, General Mills added new features to its employee benefits package. The changes include more paid leave to provide salaried employees and non-union production workers a better work-life balance.

"We spent a lot of time talking with employees at different life stages and asking questions about their pain points and what contributes to feeling torn between work and home," said Jacqueline Williams-Roll, chief human resources officer, General Mills. "Out of those discussions, we developed a strategy to focus on these moments when employees really need support the most."

The company will roll out changes Jan. 19, 2019, in three areas: parental leave, bereavement and short-term disability.

When new birth mothers take parental leave, they will receive paid time off for 18-20 weeks while fathers, partners and adoptive parents may take 12 weeks off. For bereavement, workers will be able to take up to four weeks off work following the death of an immediate family member. Employees looking to take short-term disability can receive 100% paid time off for up to eight weeks on the company’s updated plan.

General Mills Employee BenefitsIn addition, caregiver leave has been added to General Mills’ benefits package. The staff member receives two weeks of paid leave while caring for immediate family members with a serious health condition.

As the hiring landscape becomes more competitive, food manufacturers look for new ways to attract and retain employees. From added vacation time to professional development, businesses pursue workplace cultures that align with personnel values and needs.

Ms. Williams-Roll noted how the company supports its workforce.

"General Mills has been making food people love for over 150 years, and our employees have always been our secret ingredient. We want to keep innovating in how we meet their evolving needs," Ms. Williams-Roll said.

In addition to these updates, the company currently offers common benefits such as medical insurance, retirement savings programs and vacation time. According to the company, it will continue to build on these benefits as its workforce changes.