HORSHAM, PA. — Bimbo Bakeries USA is nationally relaunching its Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat branded Sandwich Thins Rolls. Originally launched in 2008, the rolls are now made with olive oil, sea salt and more whole grains.

"We listened to our customers and wanted to give them a product that wouldn't force them to sacrifice quality and taste to meet a specific calorie count," said Fernanda Loya, brand manager at Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat Bread. "We understand that consumer tastes and trends change over time, so we're excited to provide a great tasting reformulation of our innovative Sandwich Thins Rolls. By focusing on quality ingredients, our new recipe balances essential nutrients with savory flavors to create a product that fits with our consumers' active lifestyles."

Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat Sandwich Thins Rolls are available in multigrain, honey wheat and 100% whole wheat varieties. Additionally, B.B.U. is offering a flax and fiber Sandwich Thins Rolls variety in the Northeast region of the country.