MUNICH, GERMANY — As consumers look to maintain healthier lifestyles, bakeries need to refresh their lineups to include less sugar and more recognizable ingredients, said Eduard Nikel, master baker, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Getreideforschung e.V. At the Raising Ahead Bakery Seminar hosted by Lallemand Baking at iba, taking place Sept. 15-20 in Munich, Mr. Nikel and other presenters examined changing attitudes about bakery products, with bread being a point of focus.

Skepticism surrounding bread’s healthfulness has become pervasive, but items such as sourdough may be able to change perceptions.

“As consumers seek products with fewer ingredients, we will see an increase in sourdough products,” Mr. Nikel said.

Lin Carson, Ph.D., chief executive officer of BAKERpedia, spoke to attendees about her 90-day journey of consuming a loaf of bread per day. She said the challenge confirmed her beliefs about the product’s ability to satiate and its importance in a balanced diet. Dr. Carson noted that education and innovation will be important tools in promoting and selling bread to consumers.

Jacinthe Cote, Ph.D., nutritionist and product management director of Lallemand, ended the seminar with a presentation that deconstructed myths about yeast and bread. Dr. Cote told attendees that most health professionals believe bread can be nutritious and cautioned against narratives pushed by self-proclaimed health and wellness gurus.