ROME, GA. — The board of directors of G&L Holdings, Inc. has named Rhonda Jordan, Steve Dunphy and Rick Strait as independent directors on the board. G&L Holdings is the holding company of Grain Craft and Southeastern Mills.

G&L Holdings said the decision to add independent board directors reflects the company’s continuation of its long-term growth plan. The directors will advise on new acquisition and expansion opportunities and create value for all stakeholders through overall consumer and product insight, G&L Holdings said.

“The family leadership is entering into a generational shift as the fourth generation is becoming an integral part of future decisions,” said Chris Labbe, vice-president of business development and board director with G&L Holdings. “By bringing in leaders outside of our existing companies, we can continually challenge our ideas and assumptions, improve our governance and professionalize our overall board management.”

The three new board members bring a range of career experiences and expertise.

Rhonda Jordan.

Ms. Jordan is a retired executive of Kraft Foods. During her 25-year career, she held a variety of executive positions at Kraft, including operating president of three different divisions: U.S. Cheese, Grocery and Frozen Pizza. She also was president of global health and wellness and sustainability. Ms. Jordan serves on the board of directors for Colfax Corp., Ingredion Inc. and Bush Brothers & Co.

Steve Dunphy

Mr. Dunphy joins the G&L board following a career of more than 30 years in the consumer goods industry with Land O’Lakes, Kellogg Co., Pillsbury Co. and Procter & Gamble. He began his career at Procter & Gamble, where he held positions in sales, marketing and product supply. He later was a senior executive at Pillsbury and Kellogg and most recently was chief operating officer for the Land O’Lakes Dairy and Egg businesses, which included the retail, food service and ingredient portfolios. He is on the board of directors for Wells Enterprises.

Rick Strait.

Mr. Strait’s background is in private debt and equity investment. He recently retired in 2017 after 35 years with Northwestern Mutual Capital, where he was a full-time portfolio manager and held roles as a senior leader. Under his leadership, the private equity fund portfolio shifted its strategy heavily into the middle market, expanded into Europe, and established strong relationships with private equity firms. Mr. Strait is a senior adviser for Northwestern Mutual Capital’s private equity investment program and is a board member of the Jewish Home & Care Center Foundation, where he is chair of the investment committee.

“Each of the new directors bring a unique set of experience and leadership qualifications,” said Linda Owens, president of G&L Holdings. “Most importantly they are aligned with our high-performance culture and vision for success.”

G&L Holdings, Inc. was formed in 2014 as a holding company of Grain Craft and Southeastern Mills. In 2001, the Grizzard family shareholders and the Labbe and Kerr family shareholders formed a joint venture of the two families’ flour milling operations: Milner Milling and Pendleton Flour Mills. In 2014, after the official holding company was formed, G&L Holdings acquired the Cereal Food Processors family of mills, making the expanded milling operation the third largest flour milling company in the United States. The three companies were merged and named Grain Craft, today operating 14 mills in 8 states.

G&L Holdings also oversees operations of Southeastern Mills, a manufacturer of food ingredient systems and nationally distributed retail brands, including Better Than Bouillon, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Southeastern Mills, Shore Lunch and Better Than Gravy. G&L Holdings is one of the largest privately-held food ingredient suppliers in the United States serving food service companies, food processing companies, restaurants and consumers.