MUNICH, GERMANY — Consolidation has been a common theme for the baking industry in recent history, and it leaves bakers searching for ways to stay as flexible as possible. To meet that need, they often look for turnkey solutions.  

Recognizing this, Zeppelin Systems created a strategic alliance with Tecnopool, a food processing equipment company specializing in a variety of bakery equipment, including proofers, ovens and more.

The partnership was two years in the making after the two companies first met at the 2016 IBIE, held in Las Vegas, to discuss how they could merge their technologies to provide fully integrated processing solutions from the handling of raw ingredients up to, but not including, packaging.

“It was a very fantastic possibility to provide customers a full line with a high standard,” said Leopoldo Lago, president, Tecnopool.

One benefit to the program, according to Michael Piepenbrock, business unit manager, Zeppelin Systems, is that bakers can build a complete line through just two suppliers.

“We already have the bulk material handling; that’s our strength,” said Stephen Marquardt, director of food processing plants for Zeppelin. “Bulk material, preparation of raw materials, fermentation, liquid sponge system. So we only have to bring two companies together to provide everything from receiving all the way down to packaging.”

Zeppelin was attracted to the partnership with Tecnopool because of the company’s broad range of equipment and capabilities.

 “Through this agreement, our customers will have just one supplier that they can call on for everything,” Mr. Lago said.

The companies call it “from dough to done.”

The first turnkey line will be for pan bread, but there are a number of different possibilities for product lines, including buns, rolls, sweet goods, snacks and more. Iba attendees can learn more by visiting Zeppelin’s booth 351 in Hall B6.