KARLSHAMN, SWEDEN — Seeking to strengthen its customer’s product development in the Southeast Asian market, AAK, provider of vegetable oil and fats, inaugurated its new Customer Innovation Center in Singapore.

“Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing economies on the continent, and the demand for specialty and semi-specialty edible oils is expected to grow strongly in the region,” said Torben Friis Lange, president, Asia, AAK.

Located at Biopolis, an R.&D. complex that houses research laboratories of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, the center will focus on applications such as chocolate and confectionery, bakery items, special nutrition, ice cream and other dairy products.

“With this investment, we are dedicated to support our existing regional customers and give them access to AAK’s global solutions as well as build new customer relations to further support our growth in Southeast Asia,” Mr. Friis Lange said.

At the center’s grand opening, AAK welcomed regional customers, representatives from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Sweden’s ambassador. The Customer Innovation Center joins similar AAK facilities across the world that allow consumers a space to develop value-adding vegetable oil solutions.