RICHMOND, CALIF. — While many baked products can cater to a plant-based lifestyle, challenges remain when it comes to creating a satisfying dessert. Without ingredients such as butter or eggs and the prowess of a skilled baker, items can swiftly become flavorless and dry.

Looking to avoid these common pitfalls, Rubicon Bakers spent more than a year developing its new line of vegan cakes and cupcakes.

“We take pride in using clean, all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and in a vegan product, that can limit the available ingredient options tremendously,” said Andrew Stoloff, president of Rubicon Bakers. “But making a vegan dessert with all-natural ingredients was only half the battle — we also wanted to make it delicious.”

Through rigorous testing and sourcing, Rubicon created a lineup of cream-filled desserts made with ingredients that meet its clean label standards. Vegan sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla and non-G.M.O. expeller-pressed canola oil were used to create the new cupcakes and cakes in two flavors: Vegan Vanilla and Vegan Chocolate Blackout.

Available in the in-store section of Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts, Northern California Safeways, Natural Grocers, the bakery’s double layer 11-oz cakes have a suggested retail price of $6.99 each while the 10-oz, four-pack container has a suggested retail price of $4.99.

The company believes its plant-based options will serve as a springboard for the development of more vegan baked products in the future, especially as the lifestyle becomes more popular.

“We see vegan as part of a growing movement and awareness toward healthy and ethical eating that is here to stay,” Mr. Stoloff said. “We believe in the power of delight and promise our customers a great-tasting product made with integrity, whether plant-based or otherwise.”