Adapting to new production lines

For all the benefits of flexibility, portability and extended product life that these packaging formats offer, they do require some modifications along the production line. As resealable packaging becomes increasingly popular, manufacturers will have to be prepared to make the necessary changes to their facilities.

“Resealable containers are very convenient but more expensive to manufacture, as well,” Mr. Izquierdo said. “They require different types of equipment integrations and adjustments and can slow the pace of some bag form-fill-seal lines.”

Ms. Williamson emphasizes that both large and small CPG companies need to be confident that when they’re switching to new packaging films or adapting films to new designs, the new design/film structure combination will appeal to the consumer and protect the product adequately. Also critical are improved efficiency on the production line and shelf appeal. Toray has positioned itself to meet these packaging performance demands cost-effectively and is prepared to accommodate a broad product gamut from bakery items, snacks, chips, dried fruits and energy bars to fresh-cut veggies, hard-boiled eggs and hummus dip.

“Some of the design changes our customers are specifying include metalized film as a drop-in replacement for foil in paper/polyethylene/foil/polyethylene (PPFP) pouches, polyvinylidene (PVdC)-free films, burst-resistant, over-the-mountain films that withstand air-pressure changes and allow for source reduction from three-ply to two-ply, easy-tear-open films and lidding film that is secure, easy-to-peel and versatile enough to accommodate a range of tray and cup types,” Ms. Williamson said. “In all instances, it’s important for CPGs to work with a supplier that has broad, deep knowledge of the materials, global reach, is an excellent listener, asks the right questions and will be a trusted partner. CPGs must be assured that the qualifying trials for their new packaging concepts are efficient, transparent, provide ample data and that the packaging process will be as seamless as possible and holistically cost-effective. We can help with these assurances.”

At Pack ExpoInternational, Toray will be highlighting an array of films and structures, including a new generation of Torayfan CB transparent, PVDC-free, high-barrier BOPP films, new white-pigmented and white-cavitated MET BOPP films, advanced metalized films designed as cost-effective replacements for foil, over-the-mountain burst-resistant BOPP films, TreaTear directional-tear films for easy-open retort and non-retort pouches,  and award-winning bio-based LumiLid lidding films made without solvents and with approximately 50% renewable feedstock.

Changing for the better

Baking and snack manufacturers seeking to advance their own convenience packaging options and discover new approaches to enhance machinery flexibility and speed, product freshness protection and cost effectiveness can look to Pack ExpoInternational 2018 as an invaluable resource. Co-located with Healthcare PackagingExpo, the show will bring together 2,500 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees. In addition to numerous convenience packaging ideas and innovations exhibited on the show floor, baking and snack professionals will have access to free educational sessions at three different stage locations and can network with industry peers at the Snack Break Lounge, hosted by SNAC International and sponsored by Dorner Manufacturing Corporation, JLS Automation and Soft Robotics, Inc.