PONTEFRACT, ENGLAND — Ulrick & Short has created a clean label fat replacement range for sweet goods makers looking to lower their products’ calorie and fat content.

Delyte 9 is a non-G.M.O. tapioca-based starch that can act as a substitute for butter, oil, cream, milk and more. The ingredient also provides increased texture and body for products such as cakes and muffins.

It can be incorporated alongside dry ingredients and applied in ratios as small as 1% to 2% to add moisture to products. Delyte 9 can tolerate hot, cold and frozen processing. It is free from gluten and dairy and suitable for use in vegan products.

“The delyte 9 range is designed to be neutral in application, maximizing flavor whilst minimizing change to taste or texture,” said Adrian Short, director, Ulrick & Short. “In use it reduces not just the fat content but calories too, thus making it the ideal choice to help meet nutritional targets.”