The Vemag 715 Process Check is Reiser’s first checkweigher designed from the ground up to be used in high-speed bakeries. The machine is instinctive to use, and once set up, it automatically steers the divider to compensate for dough density changes throughout a batch.

John McIsaac, vice-president of strategic business development, Reiser, said the machine added a new level of accuracy to high-speed lines. “Another benefit of the 715 Process Check is how easy and flexible it is to export and use the data,” Mr. McIsaac said. “Some checkweighers make you buy expensive programs to allow you to export and use the data. This is very important for our customers making bread or pizza dough and important for their customers as well.”

The primary users of the machine are medium- and high-speed bakeries that are also using Vemag’s larger HP-E dough divider. Bakers using the smaller Vemag 500 can also benefit from the checkweigher’s tightly controlled and verified weight data. “We have had customers be able to lower their weight target on dough by several grams,” Mr. McIsaac said. “When this is done while running 180 loaves per minute, the payback is very fast.”

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