JOLIETTE, QUE. —The Mad Bakers — formerly known as Signature Passion — has completed a rebranding effort that was announced earlier this year. Under The Mad Bakers, Signature Passion branded products will continue to be sold alongside the company’s other bakery brand, O’Forno.

The bakery made the name change to align with its new company outlook. “We rebranded as The Mad Bakers so that our name speaks to what we do and who we are,” said Marc-Andre Pouliot, president, The Mad Bakers. “The name immediately resonated with us — our leaders are very creative, driven, and are, well ... mad bakers. We want to appeal to the spark of fun and madness in us all, from millennials to baby boomers and all foodies in between.”

Based in Joliette, The Mad Bakers creates artisan breads, rolls and pastries for Canadian and American markets. The products are free from artificial ingredients, preservatives and allergens such as nuts, peanuts and sesame.

To support the rebrand, The Mad Bakers invested CAD $2.5 million into a new automated ciabatta bread line that meets its unique specifications for a gentler kneading and lamination process. The new production capabilities allowed the bakery to increase its capacity and offer new loaf sizes and ciabatta flavors.

“Our customized equipment allows us to create wonderful gourmet breads, with no artificial preservatives or added sugars, on an industrial scale,” Mr. Pouliot said. “The automation allows us to offer artisan-style bread at screaming value to our customers. We have also added an MRP software system to ensure that our operations remain in step with the increased capacity.”

In addition, the company invested in packaging with new designs and oven-safe bags for certain products.

With these resources in place, Mr. Pouliot believes the outlook for The Mad Bakers is bright. “Internally, we have the team and equipment in place for exponential growth, and we are really excited about what the future will bring for the company,” he said.