PHOENIX — Noting the positive consumer response to plant-based products, Spinato’s Fine Foods, Phoenix, decided to change how some view pizza through the development of broccoli crust. Not only does the new Chicago-style frozen pizza appeal to health-conscious consumers, but it also doesn’t exclude those who put taste before nutrition.

“Our new emphasis from a marketing perspective is on ‘raising your Pie-Q.’ This truly relates to empowerment on the part of the consumer to make smarter choices that don’t forgo any benefits,” said Anthony Spinato, president, Spinato’s.

All the company’s frozen pizzas are gluten-free, so the broccoli crust was a natural extension to the line, according to Mr. Spinato.

“It is much higher in vitamin D and calcium compared to cauliflower crust, along with many carotenoids,” he added. “Our pizzas are aromatic, taste authentic and are made with the best ingredients.”

First established as a pizzeria that was a gathering place for family and friends, Spinato’s now has five restaurants — three located in Phoenix, one in Tempe, Ariz., and another in Scottsdale, Ariz. — in addition to its retail business. Before distributing the frozen pizzas nationwide, the company can internally test products through its restaurant, which was crucial to its insight into creating each flavor for the new product. The 10-inch broccoli crust comes in Mediterranean Supreme; Primavera; Margherita; and Aged Asiago, Romano and Mozzarella.

Spinato’s increased its number of employees on the assembly line to maintain its goal of providing handmade-style pizza for this new line. It also added more roasters for the tomatoes and Robot Coupe machines for freshly chopped herbs and vegetables.

With a suggested retail price of $8.99, the pizza will be sold in Sprouts and other pending locations. Spinato’s products are currently sold in about 750 retail stores nationwide, but including the new product this year, the company plans to distribute to more than 1,000 storefronts.

Spinato’s is supporting the pizza’s release with a redesign of all Spinato’s packaging, its website and social media.

“The new packaging reflects Italian artistry, which accentuates the delivery of high-quality and handmade frozen pizzas,” Mr. Spinato explained. “The branding conveys the art of pizza, bringing together the passion and behind-the-scenes crafting in a way that’s unique to the Spinato’s.”

The goal for Spinato’s broccoli-crusted pizzas is to bring new consumers into the segment and help them view pizza as a complete meal that tastes delicious and incorporates healthful qualities.

“We want to bring friends, family and co-workers around the table to connect over a satisfying meal,” Mr. Spinato said. “We want pizza to be the meal for everybody.”