NEW ORLEANS — Bellegarde Bakery, a New Orleans-based wholesale bakery that provides fresh flour and bread to more than 100 restaurants and markets in Louisiana, has opened an online retail store at The new shop will include a variety of stone-milled flours and merchandise for purchase.

“Bread at Bellegarde is made entirely by hand using only the best and freshest ingredients,” said Graison Gill, owner of Bellegarde. “We purchase most of our grains and baking ingredients directly from the people who make them — whether that’s salt from Avery Island, olive oil from Texas Olive Ranch or our heirloom corn, which has been grown by the same family in Alabama since 1875. We mill our flour fresh, unlike any other bakery in the region, to ensure that our customers receive the best products made with local ingredients, lots of nutrition and even more flavor.”

Bellegarde’s online store will offer the following freshly milled grains (available in 2.5- and 25-lb bags) for shipment throughout the country:

  • buckwheat flour
  • durum flour
  • heirloom rye flour
  • heirloom corn grits
  • heirloom corn meal
  • organic red wheat flour

In addition to the online store, Bellegarde said it plans to relocate and open a retail storefront in early 2019 for individual customers to purchase custom-blended Congregation Coffee, freshly-baked bread available only in-store, sundries and pantry items (jams, preserves, freshly milled flours) and fresh pasta. The menu will continue to expand throughout 2019 with additional pastry and bread options, the company said. Bellegarde’s new location will also host monthly pizza nights and baking classes.

“I purchased our first stone mill five years ago,” Mr. Gill said. “Working with freshly-milled flour has been a game changer. We are excited for the opportunity to distribute our quality products across the country and educate customers on the importance of using stone-milled flour and grains.”