Bühler Group extended its portfolio for industrial bakeries with the JetMix Hydration Module (HM). The JetMix HM is designed for the production of hydrated doughs based on wheat or rye flour. As a result, the mixing and kneading time can be reduced by up to 50%, translating into energy savings and less heat formation.

“The quality as well as the quantity is increased with the JetMix system,” said Stefan Hoh, product manager, Bühler Group. “This is following a strategic goal of Bühler since we set the target to reduce the energy by 30% with every new development.”

The machine uniformly moistens each flour particle to create a fine, creamy sponge or sourdough. The increased oxygen content in the dough activates the fermentation and enhances gluten development. “It’s all about wetting every single particle of flour in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible costs,” Mr. Hoh said.

The hydrated dough is fed directly into a subsequent kneading bowl or fermentation tank. Depending on the recipe, JetMix HM allows for capacities of up to 7 tons per hour and a dough yield in between 165 and 220 pieces per minute. The machine also features a hygienic design and closed system.

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