ANN ARBOR, MICH. — Two grain and milling experts will visit Zingerman’s Bakehouse in February and March to provide insight into home flour milling.

Paul Lebeau, managing director of Wolfgang Mock’s Mockmill, will present “More than a mill — a tool of revolution,” on Feb. 19. Mr. Lebeau also will join Hazim Tugun, Zingerman’s Bakehouse baker and miller, as part of a bread clinic on Feb. 20.

Stephen Jones, Ph.D., director of The Bread Lab, will speak about “Local grain economies” in a presentation scheduled for March 7.

Mr. Lebeau and Dr. Jones are part of an initiative by Zingerman’s Bakehouse to revive the practice of using freshly milled whole grains in baking and to inspire home milling.

“Milling some of our own grains has been the most radical step we’ve taken since we opened the bakery,” said Amy Emberling, co-managing partner of Zingerman’s Bakehouse. “Our food vision has always been to make full-flavored, traditional foods. We’ve become skilled in fermentation, and have used many full-flavored ingredients, but now we’re going even deeper. By milling our own grains we are moving backward in time and even more forward in flavor. An added benefit is the greater sustainability of using whole grain-less food waste and more nutrition. We are incredibly energized.”

She continued, “I have a vision. I’d like us not just to change our approach to grains but to influence our community. In five years, I see a flour mill on the kitchen counters of avid home bakers throughout southeastern Michigan. Freshly milled whole grains will be used widely and will be embraced for their flavor and nutrition.”

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