MINNEAPOLIS — Joining its Fiber One and Nature Valley brands, General Mills, Inc. has launched Larabar in the United Kingdom.

The bars are now available through the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and online retailer Amazon in three varieties — apple cinnamon, banana choc chip and peanut butter choc chip — for a suggested retail price of $3.80 (£2.90) for a pack of three. Flavors were selected from a mix of top sellers in the United States and on-trend U.K. flavors.

The launch of Larabar is a key part of General Mills’ strategy to become the No. 1 snack bar manufacturer,” said Richard Williams, business director of new ventures, General Mills Europe. “As our first 100% vegan and ‘real food’ snack bar launch in the U.K., this launch will allow us to address increasing consumer demand for simple, minimally processed snacks.”

Larabar was launched in the United States in 2000 and acquired by General Mills in 2008. It has steadily grown to become a power player in the U.S. nutrition bar segment, with an evolving lineup of clean label bars, bites and children’s products.

To ensure a successful launch in the U.K., General Mills devoted $920,000 (£700,000) to a marketing campaign that includes product sampling, shopper marketing, social media outreach and a range of partnerships and collaborations.

“This is our most ambitious launch ever in the real food space with deliberate investment on touchpoints that drive brand awareness and engagement such as social, targeted experiential sampling and partnerships with key influencers in the nutrition/wellness space,” Mr. Williams said.