The Ishida ACP-700 is part of a complete system composed of a scale, bagmaker, seal checker/air fill regulator and automatic case packer from Heat and Control. Jeff Almond, the company’s industry manager, snack food packaging, said the ACP-700’s integrated case erection system can change from the smallest to the largest case in 3 minutes or less with no tools or change parts.

“We needed to create an environment where a machine operator could easily handle multiple lines complete with automation while being extremely efficient,” Mr. Almond said. “It required machinery that works in unison as one instead of several unit operations, provides little or zero waste, is simple to operate, and has a very low lifecycle cost.”

The system feeds information forward and back to ensure consistent production that fully leverages the automation capability. With a quick turnaround, fast production, reliability and a small footprint, it overcomes common challenges manufacturers need to justify automation, such as speed of existing assets, case consolidation, space and use of labor. The system can box up to 150 packages or 10 cases per minute. It also helps solve the problem of smallbag capacity for a lot of manufacturers. If the baker or snack producer has a high-speed bagmaker, it can provide a 20 to 30% increase in small-bagproduction.

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