Bunge North America added a lentil flour to its line of clean label ingredients. This flour is a protein-rich functional equivalent of modified starches. It is made from non-G.M.O. lentils, water and heat, and it can be listed simply as “lentil flour” on an ingredient statement.

“Unlike modified starches, which contain essentially no protein, Bunge’s lentil functional flour can boost protein content across formulations and help achieve ‘good source,’ ‘excellent source’ and ‘high protein’ claims, depending on the application,” said Helbert Almeida, senior research and development fellow, US milling, Bunge North America. “It also offers all the nutrition of other pulse-based flours, including fiber, vitamins and minerals with a cleaner, more neutral flavor profile that is suitable for both sweet and savory applications.”

Bunge developed this ingredient as a response to consumer demand for clean label and high-protein foods. This lentil functional flour can deliver enhanced texture, higher protein and clean label while still replacing modified starches.

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