SHERBROOKE, ONT. — Smucker Foods of Canada Corp., a subsidiary of J.M. Smucker Co., has announced plans to invest $12 million in its Sherbrooke manufacturing plant. The investment, which will be supported in part by funding from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food, will be used to upgrade equipment.

Smucker said the upgrades will allow the facility to offer a broader variety of products as well as broaden its sourcing of domestic milk. The Sherbrooke facility currently makes Carnation evaporated milk and Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk products for the Canadian market.

“This investment will go a long way toward solidifying our long-term presence in Sherbrooke,” said Aurelio Calabretta, vice-president and general manager for Smucker Foods of Canada. “Through this initiative, we will be able to introduce new packaging capabilities previously unavailable to us in Canada.”

Smucker has operated in Canada since 1988. In addition to Sherbrooke, the company has offices in Montreal; Markham and Brampton, Ont.; and Calgary, Alta.