One late night more than a generation ago, Arthur Trausch Jr. popped into the family’s bakery. As the owner of the Dubuque, Iowa, business was checking out the repairs on a bulk packer, the maintenance man at the time gave him a few parts and said, “Here, hold this.” Arthur Trausch Jr. did so without a word. Later, realizing who he was, the maintenance man commented how rare it was that someone in Arthur Trausch Jr.’s position would quietly help as he did.

That’s just one of the many stories told about Arthur Trausch Jr.’s character, noted Karlee Renkoski, Baking & Snack associate editor, in her February report. Much of his passion came from his father, Arthur Trausch Sr., who would drive his employees to work, or increase wages when he noticed poverty within a family.

“It was a different era, but they were pretty special,” observed Tim Trausch, prior to accepting the 2019 Baking Hall of Fame award for his father and grandfather during the American Society of Baking’s BakingTech 2019 in Chicago.

Moreover, the bakery also developed a reputation for being one of the best brand builders of their time and a willingness to invest in the latest cutting-edge technology. Speaking of automation, the Baking Hall of Fame also is recognizing one of the industry’s great inventors in Arlen Don Lummus, who during his 30-year career engineered groundbreaking equipment for bakeries across the world.

At this year A.S.B. conference, which is aptly themed “Baking a Fresh Future,” bakers are celebrating the legends of the industry while keep an eye on the opportunities and challenges that tomorrow will bring.