DULUTH, MINN. — Donald Moline, former president and owner of Moline Machinery, L.L.C., died March 9 at the age of 88.

Mr. Moline began his career in the baking industry in 1954, working under his father, Harry Moline, at the family’s baking equipment manufacturing business, Moline, Inc. After his father’s sudden passing in 1963, Mr. Moline became the company’s general manager. During this time, he developed the business into a leading supplier of automated sheeting lines and tooling for retail and industrial bakers.

Moline was sold to The Pillsbury Co. in 1972. It was run as a division of Pillsbury by Mr. Moline until 1991 when he purchased the company back and rebranded it as Moline Machinery. In 1995, Moline acquired the equipment division of DCA from Kerry Ingredients and expanded into global markets with high-volume cake and yeast-raised donut systems.

Upon his retirement in 1995, Mr. Moline transitioned the business to his son Gary. Today, the company remains an independent business run by third- and fourth-generation family members.

While acting as a dedicated leader at the equipment manufacturing company, Mr. Moline also served as a member of the American Society of Baking for more than 50 years.