VIANA, ANGOLA— Dimassaba – Le Comptoir d’Export group has installed the first industrial bread production line in Angola at its DimaPao factory. The new setup will allow the company to produce more than 6,000 rolls an hour and create 80 jobs.

As a longtime flour importer to the country, Dimassaba wanted to diversify its business by producing finished bakery products on an industrial scale. The business worked with Mecatherm to install The Baguette Factory, a turnkey production line that would allow Dimassaba to increase capacity as needed. 

The Baguette Factory is an automated line that lets bakers scale up production as their operations grow. To offset any difficulties that may occur during the installation process, dedicated project management, installation and training teams are available to bakers before and after setup. Debuting in 2018, this is the first Baguette Factory line Mecatherm has installed.

"We are very proud of this project, which provides Angola's first-ever industrial bakery,” said Hussein Bourji, president of Dimassaba. “Mecatherm supported us at all stages in the project, from defining our requirements to starting up and launching the production line.”

The DimaPao factory opened on Feb. 6. Bernarda Martins, Angola’s minister of industry, Sylvain Itté, French ambassador to Angola, attended the line’s inauguration alongside Mr. Bourji, and Olivier Sergent, president, Mecatherm.

Mr. Bourji said the company plans to develop the concept in other Angolan towns and expand its product portfolio with other items such as brioches, sandwich breads or buns.

“I believe that the launch of this first bread production unit marks the start of a wonderful success story, which will contribute to the development of the country,” said Mr. Sergent. “Celebrating these kinds of achievements are what we work hard for every day. We are looking forward to writing the next chapter of this story together with Dimassaba.”