MANHATTAN, KAS.  — WP Bakery Group USA and  Zeppelin Systems USA will present two technical workshops on KROMix mixing equipment May 8-9 at AIB International in Manhattan. 

A combination of Zeppelin’s DymoMix prehydration system and WP Kemper’s Kronos bowl mixing system, the KROMix enhances dough quality while reducing mixing time up to 50%. It can be used to prepare a variety of bakery products and increases hydration up to 10%. 

Both sessions are free and open to master bakers, business owners and operators from bakeries of all sizes.

“After years of research, we are ready to officially demonstrate the new, groundbreaking technology to the market and teach bakers about pre-hydration when used in combination with intelligent mixing technology,” said Patricia Kennedy, president, WP Bakery Group USA. “This equipment can make a great impact on any bakeries’ product quality and bottom line.”

During the workshops, the equipment companies will lead discussions on the KROMix’s benefits and provide live demonstrations of its capabilities. Attendees will be able to analyze doughs and compare final baked products with and without pre-hydration. Students can expect to walk away from the workshop with a fresh understanding of pre-hydration and the biochemical activity that occurs during the process.

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