Topos Mondial’s final proofer provides a continuous tray type system with a climate-controlled environment for yeast-raised dough products prior to frying. The modular design allows custom-sized combinations to suit varying proof times, space constraints and fryer capacities.

“The proofer has tighter control and becomes more energy efficient through better insulation quality, better door sealing, better temperature control systems and control programming, and better heat and humidity delivery systems,” said Damian Morabito, president, Topos Mondial.

Configurations can vary from eight to 10 across for 12- to 30 ft-long fryers. The proofer can be built as a single- or dual-zone temperature-humidity system. The heat sources are from plant steam or electric coils, and the humidity sources come from plant steam or atomized water spray. The touch screen, PLC-controlled, pre-wired NEMA4 control system provides quick and easy programming and allows operation and recording of the proofer environment.

Made from stainless steel components, the proofer relies on non-stick coated product trays for easy product release. Strategically placed double-walled “windows” provide visual inspection inside the box while running.

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