Consumers have more brand choices than ever. Internet retailers have removed traditional barriers to entry such as distribution fees, national sales teams or large R.&D. and media budgets. But with greater choice comes an increasingly loud media environment competing for a finite amount of consumer attention.

“Brand marketers need to be aware that consumer attention is a precious resource, and no longer does the ‘loudest’ brand voice necessarily break through,” said Arthur Sevilla, vertical strategy lead at Pinterest. “Understanding when a brand has the right to grab consumers attention is the foundation of the next marketing playbook.”

An emotional connection is often needed, he added, and one of the best ways to establish that is through social media. Mr. Sevilla said Pinterest and other sites create personal relationships with brands.

“Understanding the context of consumer interests and providing a point of view within that context creates value to the consumer that should be rewarded with brand loyalty,” he said.

As consumers adapt their media habits based on individualized preferences, personalization is the new expectation.

“At Pinterest, we capture honest intent signals via search queries, saved pins and board titles,” he said. “These signals enable our algorithm to understand an individual’s unique taste and deliver content that is personalized.”

Finding ways to share experiences with the masses fosters better engagement online between brands and consumers, driving loyalty.