GLENDALE, N.Y.— CK Ingredients has launched LuPro, a line of lupin bean ingredients that may be used in gluten-free and low-carb bakery products. Made from sweet white lupin beans, the ingredient delivers both functional and nutritional benefits to products such as bars, cookies, cakes, bread and pastries.

LuPro contains 41 grams of protein and 30 grams of fiber per 100-gram serving while also maintaining a low glycemic index ranking of 11. The gluten-free ingredient is non-G.M.O. and available in organic varieties.

“Many protein and fiber sources are concentrates or isolates, whereas Lupin is a whole food,” said Michael Chernyak, president, CK Ingredients. “It features naturally high levels of these macronutrients; however, it also delivers essential vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. It also has a prebiotic effect.”

Available in three formats — flour, grits and flakes — the ingredient provides a range of functional features.

“LuPro lupin powders have been proven to substitute fat up to 30%, offer emulsifying properties and also act as a taste enhancer,” said Colleen Madden, director of innovation, CK Ingredients. “Not only will it offer better texture than control formulas, it also offers better preservation of organoleptic qualities over time.”

When used in flake form, the ingredient can act as a substitute for oats.

“LuPro flakes are very similar in size and texture to thick-cut rolled oats but with a bright golden color,” Ms. Madden said. “Compared to rolled oats, they contain three times the protein and three times the fiber, so they really boost the nutrition of the finished formulas.”

Mr. Chernyak noted that the ingredient is still relatively new in the United States and presents many opportunities for bakeries that produce better-for-you and diet-focused products.

“Europeans and Australians have been consuming lupin beans for many years — the markets in these geographies are far more developed as far as lupin is concerned and consumer awareness is high,” Mr. Chernyak said. “In America, the ingredient is now beginning to take hold since it aligns with a number of important trends connected to healthy eating.”