The KNEADSTER vertical mixer from VMI features double-tool technology. The tool’s mixing diameter has been increased, and the specific movements of synchronized rotations allow for the rapid development of the dough while minimizing the increase of its temperature. The mixer provides kneading for all types of dough, from stiff to more hydrated, and its bowl/tool profile enhances the integration of minor ingredients.

The KNEADSTER is intended for large wholesale bakeries and industrial manufacturers of baked foods such as cakes and pastries as well as cookies, said Terry Bartsch, chief executive officer of VMI North America. “The mixer is aimed at bakers wishing to make homemade-quality bread at an industrial scale. They want to limit the chemical ingredients and prefer a clean label recipe without giving up a long shelf life and a high production rate.”

Artisan bread doughs benefit from limited heating to allow yeasts to grow properly and the gluten network to form. This mixer optimizes the kneading time, reducing it by about 30%. The shape of the tool and the bowl provide excellent shearing, displacement and stretching of the dough so it can efficiently incorporate all the ingredients. This lets bakers increase the hydration for artisan bread.

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