For London-based Bakkover, the creation of its new product Breadeli Rustic Flats could be called a revolution. The company’s overarching objective is to make bread an everyday product in consumers’ homes again — specifically in the United States.

“Our goal and expectation for Breadeli is that it reignites consumer interest for bread,” said Tanja Owen, marketing director, Bakkover. “We want Breadeli to bring people regularly back to the in-store bakery and become part of their daily lives, whether as a snack, a part of a meal or the meal itself.”

Breadeli Rustic Flats are artisanal bread with flavor throughout the dough and on top of the product. The product contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and has a suggested retail price of $2.99 for each 7-oz flat loaf, ranging from 130 to 160 calories.

The five varieties — original, basil pesto, roasted tomato, garlic butter and Italian herb — give consumers the ability to eat them at any time of day. While Italian herb can be used as part of a sandwich for lunch, garlic herb can be topped with melted cheese as a snack, and original can be covered in Nutella for a sweet dessert.

Even more important than the toppings is the sourdough starter, which begins the 24-hour process to make the bread. Ms. Owen called it the “soul of the bread” as it’s the key to giving the Breadeli brand its distinct flavor. Additionally, it creates a crispy crust with a light, soft inner texture.

To formulate the bread, Bakkover turned to consumers and current trends. The company understood people wanted better-for-you ingredients and versatile products. Ms. Owen said she worked with consumers and data to develop the size and shape, flavors, and packaging design. She also asked children to test the product because “they are so genuinely honest.”

Although Breadeli strives to reach all consumers, its primary purchasing group is women, and more specifically women with families.

“Our consumer is passionate about her health, her family and friends, and living her best life,” Ms. Owen said. “She uses food to enrich her life and those she loves.”

As marketing through the radio, social media, in-store and samples ramps up, Ms. Owen is confident in Breadeli’s ability to become a part of Americans’ daily diets. The company’s new bakery in Charlotte, N.C., is just another way Bakkover is contributing to its brand’s popularity in the United States. The facility will be used for its current Breadeli products and innovation with the brand as well as future lines.

Although Bakkover’s revolution may only be beginning, its investment in the U.S. bread market through Breadeli is a leap forward in the fight for bread.