NEW ORLEANS — As the push for fresh ingredients and protein continues, the American Egg Board believes eggs can fill both needs. The company showcased two egg certification seals at IFT19, the Institute of Food Technologists annual meeting and food expo held June 2-5 in New Orleans, that will help separate real egg ingredients from processed substitutes.

The “REAL Eggs” seal can be used on menus in restaurants and food service retail outlets. The “Made with REAL Eggs” seal can be put on packaged goods and fresh foods and is beneficial for producers, manufacturers and food service retail outlets.

“No imitations. No substitutes. Made in the USA.” is A.E.B.’s motto for these seal requirements. Going deeper into the qualifications, the egg product must be established by U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations. The seals cannot be used with imported egg products or products containing imported egg ingredients, and the product must be made in a U.S. facility. Items that have vegetable/legume proteins/oils to replace an egg ingredient will not be approved.

“REAL Eggs” or “Made with REAL Eggs” products must be registered annually and separately. Submissions will include an ingredient deck, UPC code and a final packaging example with the seals, which are free and available in color and black and white.