As consumers seek out not only clean label foods but also organic products, bakers can now replace sucrose with a solution that is not only clean label but also organic. Beneo offers organic inulin derived from chicory root fiber at a competitive price.

“With global market volume in the thousands of metric tons for organic inulin and considerable potential for further growth, we see untapped opportunities for this innovative ingredient to extend into the organic market,” said Eric Neven, commercial managing director of Beneo functional fibers. “We are excited to work in partnership with our customers to explore these and meet the growing demand for organic solutions.”

Beneo’s Orafti Inulin taps into several consumer trends. The ingredient is a plant-based prebiotic fiber, touching on consumers’ interest in digestive health. It carries a mild sweet taste and bulking functionality that mimics sugar, making it suitable for sugar replacement. It is also clean label, which appeals to health-conscious consumers. Orafti Inulin is non-G.M.O.

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