Latin American bakers are turning to omnipresent social media to promote their brands and provide mobile coupons.

“Consumers are interested not only to know more about the bakery and production processes but also about the product varieties and prices,” said Sourya Das Gupta, senior research analyst, Mordor Intelligence.

Antero Pereira, president of Sampapao, Union and Industrialists’ Association of Bakery and Confectionery Industries of São Paulo, noted Brazilian and other Latin American food companies increasingly are building mobile apps and developing extensive social networks to answer consumer questions about their brands.

These integrated marketing initiatives allow baking companies to more effectively market themselves in a region that has its share of distribution and logistical challenges.

Commercial bakers also are relying on the internet and data management systems to improve their internal sales processes with existing customers and reach out to potential clients in new markets, said Francisco Javier Garcia, president of Anpropan, the National Association of Bread, Pastry and Baking Industry Suppliers in Mexico.

“By digitalizing services and creating new platforms, customers can now have access to new products and services,” Mr. Garcia said.