HANOVER, PA. — Utz Quality Foods, L.L.C. announced it is partnering with WeStock, a crowd-stocking app that lets everyday shoppers

influence purchasing decisions by requesting new food and beverage products.

Utz Quality Foods joins more than 150 brands that have partnered with the product request platform. WeStock said its partnership with the salty snack company will bring more users to the platform and generate more locations and placements of Utz brands snack food products.

The free app lets consumers discover food and beverage products and request that those products be carried by their local retail store. WeStock then turns this information into actionable data to expedite product placement for its brand partners. Generated through demand information from the app, WeStock notifies shoppers when specific products are available and where they may purchase them.

“In this rapidly changing, data driven marketplace, we were impressed with WeStock’s ability to help shoppers find more interesting and unique foods,” said Mark Schreiber, executive vice-president and chief customer officer at Utz Quality Foods, L.L.C. “We look forward to helping WeStock expand their user-base while ensuring shoppers can find Utz brands anytime, anyplace.”

WeStock said it has captured more than 8,000 requests for its partners since launching in February.